Open Platform Solution

Third-party integrations via Application Programming Interface (API) to support academic dental organizations’ needs.

Open Platform Solution (OPS) allows you to interact with our platform and access various features and functionalities. The API is designed to be simple, efficient, and developer-friendly, enabling you to build powerful integrations with our services.

This website describes what’s possible to build with the tools and APIs available on OPS and how to get the access and information you need to get started.

We regularly update and improve the experience and products available on the developer platform. These improvements make it essential to stay informed so you don’t miss any updates.

Read & Write API

OPS is a generic open platform solution that enables read & write API communication between axiUm and vendors.

Developer Documentation

OPS offers API developer discovery documentation, allowing vendors to better understand how to integrate with axiUm.

Standard for Integrations

OPS minimizes case-by-case custom integrations with different vendors

Scalable Solution

axiUm OPS is a scalable solution, allowing Exan to add new endpoints based on customer and partners’ needs.

Version Independent

There’s no need to upgrade axiUm to take advantage of new OPS features.

Control Access

OPS gives axiUm system administrators control over vendor access​.

axiUm Customers 

To enable the use of OPS, it is necessary to register for the OPS program and allow the use of the endpoints,

It is also required to install the correct component to support API communication.

To get started, please get in touch with the Sales department or your Technical Account Manager; both can help with the registration and direct the appropriate parties to help with the installation.


To access OPS, please get in touch with our Sales department, which will guide you through the registration process.




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