API Access Plans

Choose an access plan based on what you need. Does your integration require only a handful of endpoints? The Basic plan may be well-suited for you. Looking to integrate axiUm with multiple other tools or complex endpoints? The Plus plan will best meet your needs.

Endpoint Unit Points Included5101516+
Technical SupportIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Annual Subscription$4,000$7,500$10,000Contact Us
Registration Fee & Setup Support $10,000 (one-time)

Unit Points of Endpoints

Endpoint CategoryEndpoint
Patient InformationAdd a new patient
Find patient
Modify existing patient
Get patient details
Get patient’s medical problems
Write a payment transaction to axiUm
Receive a document
Delete a document
Patient AllergiesGet all allergies for patients matching certain criteria
Get individual patient’s allergy details
Patient MedicationsGet all medications for patients matching certain criteria
Get individual patient’s medication details
AppointmentsGet all appointments matching certain criteria
Get appointment details
Cancel an appointment
Confirm an appointment
Get appointment changes
Clinical SummaryGet patient’s clinical summary
axiUm AdministrationReset Password